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NEWS ALERT: Add Flash Rust Inhibiting Power to Your Next Cleaning Formulation!

August 11, 2023

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One of the ironies of metal surface prep is that cleaning often makes the metal more susceptible to flash rust in the minutes, hours, or days immediately following. These rust speckles or a light layer of rust on the otherwise clean metal surface quickly undo surface prep efforts and require further cleaning. To help customers avoid these annoying and time-consuming problems, formulators of cleaning products for metal can add value to their next formulation by including Cortec® VpCI® additives!

Cortec® VpCI® additives temporarily leave behind corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface, protecting it from flash rust during and shortly after cleaning. This cleaning process may take many forms, including power-washing structures, rinsing metal parts, or even acid pickling steel coils. Cortec’s range of additives includes options for use in alkaline or acidic cleaners. Some key frontrunners are below:

Additives for Alkaline Cleaners

  • M-95: a versatile water-soluble system for multi-metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze). Causes little to no foam.
  • M-435: multi-metal corrosion inhibitor that can be used in water-based and some solvent-based systems.

Additive for Acid Cleaners

  • S-11: a corrosion inhibitor replacement for propargyl alcohol in aqueous systems with low pH levels. Possible applications include acid pickling and chemical cleaning.

Formulators who want to create the next best cleaner for bare metal should look closely at these and other Cortec® additive options in order to offer added value to their customers. Contact Cortec® to learn more about adding flash rust protection to your next metal cleaning formulation!

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