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NEWS ALERT: Add Flash Rust Prevention to Your Parts Washer!

Bulk parts washing is a normal part of manufacturing. When that involves metal components, as in the auto industry, two considerations become especially important. Cortec® addresses both with its non-foaming, flash rust inhibiting VpCI®-418 LM.

flush rust

Prevent Flash Rust

VpCI®-418 LM is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner/degreaser. In addition to its ability to remove difficult deposits such as heavy hydrocarbons and drawing and buffing compounds, VpCI®-418 LM contains corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized steel, brass (<30% Zn), and copper. These inhibitors protect the metal parts from flash rust after washing— a time when the clean, damp surfaces are especially susceptible to this sudden form of corrosion. But this is not enough.

Avoid Foam

Since parts washers experience high agitation, it is critical to use a cleaner that produces little if any foam. Otherwise, the cleaning solution inside the parts washer could easily bubble over and spill out, creating an unnecessary mess. As a non-foaming cleaner, VpCI®-418 LM is designed for compatibility with these and other high agitation applications such as power-washing machinery and high-pressure spray washers. It can be diluted based on whether the parts need light, medium, or heavy cleaning. It is nitrite- and silicate-free and leaves behind no residue.

Choose VpCI®-418 LM

While washing bulk loads of large and small metal parts is necessary in everyday industry, flash rust and foaming are two issues that do not have to be. Avoid these negative side effects by contacting Cortec® about flash rust prevention for your parts washer!

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