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NEWS ALERT: New Demo Video: VpCI®-426 Rust Removal Time-Lapse!

Rust removal with VpCI-426

We are pleased to release another Cortec® demo video! The latest addition to our YouTube channel shows “How to Remove Rust in Less Than 1 Hour with VpCI®-426!” Fortunately for viewers, it takes less than a minute of time to watch this time-lapse and see what happens to a rusty piece of metal placed in Cortec’s VpCI®– 426 rust removal liquid.

The time-lapse format of this video gives an interesting perspective on Cortec® rust removal, allowing viewers to see pieces of rust fall off the metal in seemingly rapid succession. This accelerated view is a great way to grab the attention of your clients and social media network and introduce them to a rust removal solution that they can use in their own industrial settings.

As noted in the video description, actual rust removal speed will vary depending on the degree of rust, the concentration of VpCI®-426, and the temperature of the solution. For example, it will take longer to remove rust on a heavily rusted surface than a lightly rusted one. A stronger concentration of VpCI®-426 will remove rust more quickly than a higher dilution; however, diluting VpCI®-426 may provide enough rust removal power in certain cases while allowing the product to stretch farther for greater economy. Increasing the temperature of VpCI®-426 and agitating it within the container can also accelerate rust removal.

Whichever direction your rust concerns take you, this demo video is a fun place to start when looking for a simple rust removal answer for both you and your clients. Watch the rust removal timelapse here!

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