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PRESS RELEASE: Time for Another Look at the Newest Version of BioCorr® Biobased Rust Preventative!

Traditional rust preventatives present two major challenges. One is the issue of environmental and worker hazards from using hazardous mineral oils and flammable solvents. The other is the lack of cleanliness and workability involved in applying and removing greasy rust preventatives. Ready to meet this need is BioCorr® HP, the newest generation of Cortec® Corporation’s game-changing biobased, dry-film rust preventative! First released in 2021, BioCorr® HP is worth taking another look at for advantages that go beyond environmental benefits.

Streamline the Rust Preventative Process

BioCorr® HP is a water-based, biobased rust preventative designed to preserve metals in storage and during transportation. Unlike rust preventative oils, this product leaves a dry, virtually undetectable film on the metal surface. The film displaces water and oils and also actively inhibits corrosion. BioCorr® HP helps promote a cleaner workplace and prevent material waste. It also streamlines processes because it does not require removal by the end user in most cases. This ready-to-use formulation can protect multi-metals for up to two years of indoor storage (or during shipment when combined with VpCI® packaging materials).

One Dry Film, Many Possibilities

Because BioCorr® HP is so thin and undetectable, it can also be used in areas where there are tight tolerances. One great example is the protection of threaded mating surfaces on equipment where temporary rust prevention is needed, but where a thick greasy substance is not practical. BioCorr® HP is able to provide this interim protection without being noticed or requiring cleaning later. Since BioCorr® HP does not interfere with automatic transmission fluids, it can be used to protect transmissions as they await installation or assembly. There are countless other applications where it can be used, as well:

• Automotive components
• Pipes, flanges, and gears
• Sheets, coils, and castings
• Valve stems
• Equipment internals
• Various other manufactured components

Avoid the Hassle of Greasy Rust Preventatives

Whatever the application happens to be, BioCorr® HP is an excellent way to provide interim corrosion protection in an unobtrusive way without the mess and hassle of greasy rust preventatives. Contact Cortec® to discuss your application in detail:

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