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Cortec® Metalworking Products

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Cortec® Metalworking Corrosion Solutions

The total economic loss from corrosion in a metal producing plant can approach a staggering 5%. This huge loss comes from products that must be sold as a lower grade or must be re-pickled, reprocessed, or scrapped due to corrosive attack while in the plant, leading to lost production capacity. The high cost of corrosion also includes rust claims and freight costs for returned goods.

Cortec® VpCI® products solve a wide variety of metalworking corrosion problems.

VpCI® protects a multitude of metal products. Spraying or dipping pipes and other tubulars with VpCI® provides fast and economical protection for exterior and interior surfaces. In addition, biobased and water-based concentrates provide alternative corrosion protection and lubricant options for hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and aluminized steels, copper, aluminum, brass, and other products, eliminating the need for oil and oil-water emulsion rust preventatives. Our technically trained staff can help you decide which product you need for long lasting and complete protection of your corrosion-sensitive products.

How Cortec® VpCI® prevents corrosion and protects your product.

For edge treatment, VpCI® is applied in just seconds to the edges of coils or stacks with conventional manual or automated spray equipment. Traditional rust preventatives do not stop speckling on the internal metal layers. Humidity and condensed moisture easily penetrate the coil, forming a highly corrosive environment inside the coil. Rust, speckling, and staining can develop in minutes under these conditions. VpCI® products with vapor-phase action migrate wherever humidity and corrosive agents can penetrate to provide complete corrosion protection. Cortec® VpCI® has options for protecting external surfaces as well as internal layers of coils or sheets.

How Cortec® VpCI® can cut costs.

  • Water-based concentrates are more economical than conventional oil-based rust preventatives.
  • Efficient application results in labor savings.
  • Improved environmental, health, and safety options available.
  • No need to remove VpCI® protection, eliminating extra processing steps.

VpCI® treatments virtually eliminate economic loss due to rust, speckling, staining, and other forms of corrosion. You can eliminate claims and returns while improving the quality of your product. As a result, your processing will become more streamlined, allowing for more efficient operation.

  Annual Economic Loss Due to Corrosion Cost of VpCI® Treatment to Protect Total Production Total Savings with Cortec® VpCI®
Per Shift $4,500 $100 $4,400
Per Day $13,500 $300 $13,200
Per Week $94,500 $2,100 $92,400
Per Month $410,625 $9,125 $401,500
Per Year $4,927,500 $109,500 $   4,818,000
Hypothetical figures are based on a steel mill producing and shipping 100 ten-ton coils per shift, three shifts per day, seven days per week, at a nominal material and manufacturing cost of $300 per ton, with a 1.5% economic loss due to corrosive attack.



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