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NEWS ALERT: VpCI®-372 Peelable Coating Protects Against Rust and Scratches

Do you ever wish you could apply corrosion protection to a metal surface for just a few days, weeks, or months and peel it off when the protection was no longer needed? Cortec® helps you do that with VpCI®-372 peelable coating.

VpCI®-372 Peelable Coating

VpCI®-372 is a water-based corrosion inhibiting coating that can be applied directly to metal for protection in sheltered conditions. It also serves as a light barrier against physical abrasion. At the end of the protection period, VpCI®-372 can be peeled off by hand and discarded as solid waste, revealing the protected surface below. It offers excellent UV resistance and can be matched to some custom colors. VpCI®-372 has a low VOC of 0.2 lbs/gal (24 g/L) and can be applied by spray, dip, brush, or roll.

The special characteristics of VpCI®-372 allow it to have a variety of creative uses. Some ideas are as follows:

  • Temporary protection of metal parts during shipment
  • Storage of aluminum boats and other large equipment
  • Masking of parts during large painting jobs
  • Protection of non-porous surfaces (e.g., windows and doors) from scratches and nicks on the construction site

An extra thick version, VpCI®-372E, is available for use on dynamic profiles such as splines, threads, or machined areas.

If you have a metal surface that needs temporary protection against corrosion and abrasion, and you want to be able to remove that protection at any time, consider using VpCI®-372 for the job. Contact Cortec® for more information and to discuss your specific temporary rust prevention needs.

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