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PRESS RELEASE: Equip Your Workers with EcoAir® Corrosion Control Standbys!

September 28, 2023

Cortec’s effort to find more environmentally responsible approaches to corrosion control is reflected in its line of EcoAir® products, which use bag-on-valve technology to replace traditional aerosol propellants with the power of compressed air. Several corrosion control basics are included in this handy spray can format, making a collection of EcoAir® Technologies great for manufacturers, maintenance teams, or remote preservation crews to keep on standby for quick maintenance or preservation tasks.

Ecoair - corrosion control

Cleaning and Flash Rust Prevention

“Clean, protect, preserve” is a longtime Cortec® slogan that emphasizes the importance of the cleaning role in the preservation process. EcoAir® 414 Cleaner/Degreaser is a fast, effective water-based cleaning formulation that provides the perfect companion for workers who need to do quick cleaning touchup on dirty or greasy metal components. In addition to degreasing, EcoAir® 414 also provides good flash rust protection so that metal does not become rusty during the cleaning process. EcoAir® 414 is recommended as a staple product for plant maintenance teams who perform a variety of cleaning/degreasing tasks throughout the course of their day.

Dry Rust Prevention

One of the signature features of many Cortec® VpCI® Technologies is that they offer dry corrosion protection rather than leaving behind greasy residue as many traditional oil-based products do. For example, EcoAir® 377 (most often used by manufacturers) is a multi-metal water-based rust preventative that can be sprayed onto metal parts or surfaces to leave behind a corrosion inhibiting layer that dries to a thin film. In some cases, the film is so inconspicuous that it does not have to be removed. If needed, it can be easily cleaned off with EcoAir® 414. 

EcoAir® 337 is a water-based void space rust preventative that can be sprayed into cavities and voids for protection of difficult-to-reach equipment internals or packages of metal goods. As long as the void remains enclosed, the Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors of EcoAir® 337 will form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces within the compartment. Their vapor phase action allows them to float away after the enclosure is opened, requiring little or no cleaning removal.

Wet Film Rust Prevention

Wet-film rust preventatives are still preferred or required for some applications. Here, too, the EcoAir® line has an ample selection of corrosion inhibiting options. The newest is EcoAir® Biobased Outdoor Coating powered by Nano VpCI®, a USDA Certified Biobased Product that contains 65% USDA certified biobased content. This temporary coating is designed for severe marine and high humidity conditions. It leaves behind an oily protective film that does not dry and should be sprayed on the metal surface at 1.2-3.6 mils (30-90 µm). It is classified as a non-flammable material.

Another excellent wet film rust preventative is EcoAir® Tool and Die Rust Preventative. As its name implies, it is specifically suited to the protection of molds. It was packaged in EcoAir® cans primarily to provide an easy and effective way to apply the product to metal tooling and dies. It is an excellent solution for protecting molds and dies that need to be stored for long periods or shipped overseas. A special advantage is that EcoAir® Tool and Die Rust Preventative typically does not need to be cleaned off before the mold can be used.

Equip Workers with EcoAir®

The products above provide a diverse selection of corrosion control and maintenance products that can be used in a variety of industrial settings. With the EcoAir® line, Cortec® has captured these basic technologies in a convenient portable packaging and delivery system that is perfect for maintenance and individual project use. Contact Cortec® to learn more about these and other EcoAir® Technologies.

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