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PRESS RELEASE: Impossible made possible, plant derived compounds remove rust better than toxic acids, salute to circular economy!

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.” This popular slogan is a reminder of the importance of conserving and maximizing the resources already available. When it comes to metal, rust removal to reclaim a corroded part or piece of equipment would definitely fall into that category. Doing it with a biobased product is even more admirable from an environmental perspective. A quick and easy method further increases its attractiveness. What addresses all three aspects at once? EcoClean® VpCI®-423 Rust Remover is a convenient answer to worker-friendly, sustainable rust removal needs as part of everyday MRO duties.

Advantages of EcoClean® VpCI®-423 Rust Remover

EcoClean® VpCI®-423 Rust Remover contains 91% USDA certified biobased content in a 16 oz (473 mL) squeeze bottle that is easy to carry around the shop, place in a work apron pocket, or deposit in a maintenance caddy. This biobased product is much safer than many other rust removal chemicals on the market due to its lower acidity and large percentage of ingredients common to the food industry. Since EcoClean® VpCI®-423 Rust Remover comes as a gel, it is great for removing rust on vertical surfaces or places where quick touchup is preferred over full immersion.

How to Apply EcoClean® VpCI®-423

Rust removal is as easy as squeezing a little EcoClean® VpCI®-423 biobased gel onto the rusty surface, leaving it for 20 minutes, scrubbing as needed with a scour pad or brush, and rinsing and wiping away the rust.* EcoAir® 414 Cleaner/Degreaser is a great follow-up product because it cleans, neutralizes, and provides flash protection—all with some quick sprays from an air-powered EcoAir® bag-on-valve can. Depending on how heavy the rust is, EcoClean® VpCI®-423 can be reapplied as needed in additional 20-minute rounds and covered with plastic wrap if there is any concern that the product will dry out.

Get Started Cleaning up the Plant!

Having a quick and easy solution on hand to remove corrosion where you find it is a great means to reclaim rusty parts so they can continue fulfilling their purpose—or maybe even just look a little brighter and shinier! In this way, EcoClean® VpCI®-423 Rust Remover adds power and flexibility to the daily maintenance routine, all while contributing to sustainability. Equip your plant maintenance team by adding this convenient, sustainable rust removal solution to their toolbox. Contact Cortec® today to learn more!

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*Be sure to wear appropriate PPE, as defined on safety data sheets. 

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